Updating squeezebox classic firmware officially dating someone

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It's not pretty but it seems to work just fine.I was prompted to do this after walking several folks through changing their firmware.It also blends seamlessly the MP3 world and wav slash aiff slash flack or ape worlds.The squeezebox frees us from the TRANSPORT problem, and allows the full digitalization of all music we have on CDs onto hard drive, without any compromise in quality.

And it blends seamlessly the internet music radio stations, network music servers and our own computer with music.

Stolen from Logitech site A side note: I consider the CD jewel box a serious contender to the award of WORST ENGINEERING EVER.

Other contenders are: RCA plug/socket combo which makes MAKE of the signal before the grounds are equalized. If it is called RCA, why does a huge reputable company endorse something, which deserves 100 whips at the whipping post ? While all it takes to make it perfect is to shorten the center pin by 4 mm. 90 % of parking lots in Poland , even these designed from scratch without space constraints - use 90 degrees parking bays.

Logitech SQUEEZEBOX CLASSIC Utility is listed for Logitech SQUEEZEBOX CLASSIC Audio and Sound.

The downloads is developed and published by Logitech for Audio and Sound.

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