Updating excel files from closed worksheets

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Once they have added the data, i need them to click a macro that will copy their data to a workbook located on our corporate G: drive. We currently could have up to 150 users entering data but presume it would be less as not all users would have data. I have many users using a workbook of which they will add data. Caption = "Transfer Data" Workbooks("Global Journal.xlsx"). Close Save Changes:=True Msg Box "Global Journal updated" End If End Sub Function File Already Open(Full File Name As String) As Boolean Worksheets("Flat File"). it could be more rows or less rows than the sample data provided. On Time Now Time Value(""), "Transfer Data" Worksheets("accrual file"). The reports are lists only - containing different bits of customer info in each report. From the Master List, a report for Customer Birthdays was created. Each list was exported to one of three different workbooks in Excel.Each workbook contains the reports created from the Master List.

A message indicating that Global Workbook was updated will display. If Global workbook is already opened (in use), the Transfer Data button's caption will change to "Saving.... Please wait" and be disabled indicating the process of transferring data has been initiated. the name of the sheet on the opened file is "Flat File", while the name of the closed workbook is "Global Journal" with a sheet name of "Entry" The source data looks something like this... The code first checks to see if Global Journal workbook is already opened. As before, the code will transfer as many lines that are present but I added in the code to clear and save the source workbook. If it is not, the workbook will open and the data from "Flat File" will be appended to the "Entry" Sheet. If File Already Open(File Path) = True Then Application.

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