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MAG set-top boxes from Infomir and Stalker TV applications for Android and i OS do not require licenses.Soon In order to download Stalker Middleware, you have to agree with our License Agreement Please note that Stalker Middleware does not have a built-in content.If there is no header or not correct data - server's answer will contain HTTP status 401 Unauthorized and message: STB's managment - (it is recommended to use ACCOUNTS instead of STB) Identifier: personal account, MAC adress (one personal account can contains more than one STB).Supported methods: GET, PUT, DELETE, POST Available fields for updating: status, additional_services_on, ls Available fields for adding: mac, login, password, status, additional_services_on, ls Fields discription mac - MAC address ls - personal account login - login account number status - admin status (1 - on, 0 - off) online - STB status (1 - online, 0 - offline) additional_services_on - Additive services connection status (for example Videoclub, Karaoke, etc.* - The parallel development of combat skills and supportnyh * - The player can choose a preferred style of play Pv P, Pv E, crafting, Survival, trade, etc.

The world's most dangerous and astonishing place lies beneath your feet.With the money he buys a new, better equipment and can penetrate deep into the Zone in search of more valuable items.Features: * - A unique campaign setting for the MMO * - Items Survival Gameplay * - System simulation of the natural world zone, change the locations of anomalies, changes in habitat mutants fields artifacts, etc.The game world is a near future (2015-2020 year), where there was an accident of unknown origin, resulting in the world, a number of so-called anomalous zones, which modified the laws of nature, there are a variety of abnormal activity, there are strange objects with unexplored properties, called artifacts, and all living things under the influence of the zone change, mutate and pose a serious threat to humans.Occurrences of anomalous zones of the country linked with pre-existing natural / magnetic anomalies and high-tech human activities.

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