Mandating minimum

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After hearing from members of the public on both sides of the issue, Northbrook village trustees decided late Tuesday to opt out of Cook County's ordinance mandating a minimum wage hike and mandatory earned sick leave.

Trustees heard a series of impassioned arguments over the course of more than two hours of public comment.

Perhaps Christina Gray also went through hell reading Plato’s Phaedrus out loud in original form, as the rest of the class sniggered or industriously picked their collective noses. If people blew raspberries and pointed at the culprit whenever this happened, we’d all be better off as the pomposity bubble deflated.

bag for a patient at the University of Miami Hospital’s Emergency Department in 2012 in Miami.Only trustee Jason Han voted against the resolution to exempt local employers from the county's impending minimum wage increase.Trustee Muriel Collison joined him in voting against opting out of the sick leave requirements.A bit of Greek doesn’t hide the fact that economic push-and-pull arguments over such mandated minimums have raged for years, as it’s extremely hard to examine the effect of one specific measure with so much involved in a country’s or province’s overall economic performance.And yes, it seems small-minded, if not downright nasty, to pontificate about people at the bottom end of the pay scale getting an extra few bucks in their paycheques. Yet common sense is difficult to jettison, so when I wandered into the Mc Donald’s at Glenmore Landing a week ago, all the meta-analysis in the world couldn’t hide the reality on display.

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