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Before seriously starting down this road, each party should obtain their own legal counsel to help them navigate the process since this is much more than a standard real estate deal.Next, the two parties need to sit down and have a proper conversation about their needs, wants and expectations — all of them. If not, do either of you hope to because bringing a partner and/or children into the arrangement could affect the other person’s lifestyle. What about if a pipe bursts or repairs and maintenance are needed? Will there be shared laundry and if there’s only one parking spot, who gets it?This is not the time to be shy and afraid of offending another person; matters left out of discussion now could become contentious issues later. Do you both plan to live in the home or will one of you be using it as a rental property? Finally, consider how you will break up, as an exit strategy is as important as the signatures on the purchase agreement. If not, how will that affect the eventual sale of the property?A leased property creates a different dynamic between the two parties as well. Don’t forget to discuss a plan for if one person gets sick and can no longer work or if one person suddenly finds themselves unemployed. If one person wants to sell but the other wants to stay, will there be a buy-out option?She's also been rumored to have dated tried-to-grow-a-beard DJ Diplo and scraggly-beard, plays-guitar-poorly, Brad Pitt.

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“These meetings delivered in a speed dating-type format will help potential New Zealand buyers meet several suppliers from the Pacific at one location,” Mr Fuavao said.

Among the products categories are food and beverage; skincare; handicrafts; fresh produce; seafood and garments from Samoa.

Each of the categories will have numerous product lines.

I recently had the chance to talk with some editors at TMCNet, specifically for Cloud IT Week, and we had a good conversation about the need for NPM to move beyond aging appliances and into cloud models.

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