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If god will cheat or boast that he can or does intervene in our lives, in the natural order, to create a species, for prayer, for adulation, or any purpose not even disclosed to us, it makes observation of the world and the affairs of the tiniest microbes to galactic catastrophe, all futile, for they are then placed at the whim of a fickle god who will deceive us when it suits him.

Therefore to test that god exists or does not by appeal to observations in and of this world and its affairs is quite futile.

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I went through every special relationship section and could not find it.

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It is from Chapter 17 in the text, the section called "The Two Pictures": (T-17.

IV.3:1-2) You have made very real relationships even in this world.

Let me start by reading a brief passage that is the inspiration for the kind of presentation I will be giving.

It makes very clear how the special relationship is a defense.

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