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The A–Z (pronounced "A to Zed"), or in full the Geographers' A–Z Street Atlas, is a name given to any one of a range of atlases of streets in the United Kingdom currently produced by Geographers' A–Z Map Company Limited.

Its first atlas, of London, was originally compiled in the 1930s by Phyllis Pearsall.

and state maps which will allows the user to definitively date the publication of any loose map from these atlases.

See also the how to date roadmaps page of the ACGCM website.

During that same period, Buffalo’s population skyrocketed, from 1,508 in 1810 to about 135,000 in the mid-1870s, not long before the Pan-American Exposition. What do we have from that time that gives us a feel for the people of Buffalo in the early 1800s? This is why we want to preserve this, hopefully in a local institution.” The collection, now sitting inside Cozzi’s 38,000-square-foot Old Editions Book Shop on East Huron Street, was the almost-lifelong passion of Eugene Musial, a local bookstore owner and historical collector who died four years ago at 94.In an effort to accomodate most dating preferences, we have arranged for three sessions: Looking to meet someone special? For the month of Valentine's Day, join us for a special speed-dating book club and meet other literary-minded singles in DC. And they paint a story of a booming Buffalo in the first half of the 19th century.This collection of more than 300 rare books and pamphlets that date from 1812 to 1875 reveals a crucial historical period that covers the burning of Buffalo in late 1813, the opening of the Erie Canal in 1825 and the rapid growth of a municipality that blossomed from a village to an incorporated city.

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